LinkOptimizer 6 User Guide

Quick Start Guide


Launch LinkOptimizer
Choose the Zevrix > LinkOptimizer menu.
You can also launch LinkOptimizer like any other application from the Finder or Dock.


Choose InDesign document(s)
You can have LinkOptimizer always process the active InDesign document, or choose to batch-process multiple files.


Adjust Settings
…or just select the desired preset.


Analyze Document

Click the Analyze Document button.

LinkOptimizer will go through the links of InDesign documents in its queue to determine which ones require to be optimized.



Click the “Process” button.

LinkOptimizer will start copying your original images, if required by the Backup and Relinking Settings.

LinkOptimizer will then automatically open each image in Photoshop and perform the required operations, such as resizing, cropping, adjusting the image resolution, sharpen, changing image format etc.

LinkOptimizer then will reimport the image into the InDesign document (if required) and update the link.

LinkOptimizer processes an image in Photoshop, reimports it into InDesign document, and then moves to another image. It ensures that even in the case of an unexpected event, such as a Photoshop crash, your images will remain properly positioned in the document – whether after being processed by LinkOptimizer or in their original position.

When the processing of all the links is finished, the results will be displayed in the Links window.

When LinkOptimizer is running, your computer should not be used for any other activity.
If you attempt to use another program, or hide Photoshop or InDesign, it may cause LinkOptimizer to malfunction during processing.