LinkOptimizer 6 User Guide

Convert Images

Process all images regardless of resolution settings

All links in the document will be converted as required by the settings even if their resolution/size should not be optimized.

Convert from… to…

Select which image formats you’d like to convert. The images will be saved using Conversion Settings (see below).

Preserve PSD layer visibility applied in InDesign

PSD links will be converted using the layer visibility applied in InDesign if it’s different from the original PSD image.

Note: LinkOptimizer currently ignores layers in nested layer groups, that is layers that belong to a group nested in another group. If you’re interested in this functionality, please contact us.

Note: If this option is selected, the option to use a single file for duplicates will be ignored (see Advanced settings).

Resave all JPEGs in Photoshop

All JPEG images will be resaved from Photoshop using the current Conversion Settings (see below). Otherwise, Photoshop may present the Save As dialog for JPEGs that have never been saved from Photoshop before, such as images that came directly from a digital camera.

Conversion Settings

Specify Photoshop settings for saving images as TIFF, Photoshop EPS and JPEG. For the detailed settings info, please refer to Photoshop documentation.

Note: If you convert images to Photoshop PDF, the effective resolution of the resulting PDF files will not be reported by LinkOptimizer after processing. That’s because InDesign doesn’t report the resolution of PDF files regardless of their contents.


You can resave images into the same format, for example convert TIFF into TIFF. This may be required if you run certain actions in Photoshop to avoid the Options dialog on saving. Or if you want to resave all TIFFs with LZW compression etc.

Embed color profile

Check this option to embed the color profile specified in the Edit Images settings, if any.

Uncheck this option if:

• You don’t want to embed the profile specified in the Edit Images settings

• You wish to unembed color profiles from all images with embedded profiles

You can control profile embedding in the images of a specific format by choosing conversion to the same format, for example TIFF > TIFF.