LinkOptimizer 6 User Guide


Process images placed multiple times

If an image placed in your document multiple times, it will be duplicated in the Finder as many times as required. Each instance of the image in the document that requires to be processed will be relinked to a separate copy of the image (unless the Relink duplicates to single file when possible option is checked under suitable settings, see below).

Note: If you process multiple InDesign documents with the option to Overwrite original images, LinkOptimizer considers duplicate links across all documents in the batch (because their originals will be overwritten thus affecting all InDesign documents). In all other situations, duplicate links are considered per each InDesign document only.

File naming

Please see the option descriptions in LinkOptimizer.

Relink duplicates to single file when possible

This option only applies to operations where image dimensions are not affected such as Edit Images and Convert Images. That’s why it will be ignored if the Optimize Resolution setting is checked.

This option is also ignored if the Preserve PSD layer visibility applied in InDesign option is checked in the Convert Images settings as it can result in different layer visibility for each instance of a duplicate link.

For more info, please see the detailed description of this option in LinkOptimizer.

Run Photoshop Action before saving image

LinkOptimizer will run the specified action before saving each image. You can choose to run the action before or after processing of the image by LinkOptimizer.

You need to enter the Action Set Name and Action Name exactly as they appear in the Photoshop Actions palette.


Choose to process or ignore specific layers in InDesign document.

AppleScript Support

LinkOptimizer offers AppleScript support for some operations for basic automation. Please see the app’s AppleScript dictionary for details. With any questions, please contact us.