LinkOptimizer 6 User Guide

Adding InDesign Files for Processing

Process active InDesign document only

When this option is selected, LinkOptimizer will automatically keep the active InDesign document on the list and process only this document. Batch processing is disabled and you can’t add other documents to the list.

Uncheck this option to enable batch processing.

Batch processing

To enable batch processing, make sure to uncheck the “active document only” option (see above).

You can add InDesign documents to LinkOptimizer’s list in the following ways:

LinkOptimizer 6 for Adobe InDesign icon

Add files from LinkOptimizer

Add InDesign files from system dialog screenshot

From the standard system navigation dialog
Note: InDesign books (.indb) can also be added

Add front InDesign dialog screenshot
The current front document in InDesign
Add all open InDesign files screenshot
All documents open in InDesign
Finder icon

Add files from the Finder

Drag-and-drop the files/folders selected in the Finder on the LinkOptimizer file list or its icon in the Dock.

Note: To scan the entire subfolder tree of the selected folders, check this option in Preferences.

Control/Right-click the desired InDesign files in the Finder and choose Open With > LinkOptimizer contextual menu.

Note: InDesign books (.indb) can also be added


To replace the list of existing files instead of adding new files to the list, hold the Option key when performing any of the operations to add InDesign files.

Remove files from the list

Use the [-] button to remove the selected files or Remove All to do just that.