LinkOptimizer 6 User Guide

Edit Images

Process all images regardless of resolution settings

All links in the document will be edited as required by the settings even if their resolution/size should not be optimized.

Convert color

The colors will be converted in Photoshop using the Image > Mode command, unless you check “Convert to profile” (see below). The option “Convert RGB and CMYK to Profile” will convert all RGB and CMYK images to the selected color profile (below).

Convert to profile

The image will be converted in Photoshop to the selected ICC profile using the Convert to Profile command.

Note: In this case, the “Convert color” pop-up menu only defines which images to convert. The target conversion is defined by the selected profile. For example, if “RGB to CMYK” is selected, all RGB images will be converted to the selected profile regardless of its color space. If “All to Grayscale” is selected, all images will be converted to the selected profile.

For the detailed info on the conversion settings, please refer to Photoshop documentation.

Apply Sharpening

Apply Sharpening filters in Photoshop.

Note: In addition to the three sharpening filters included in LinkOptimizer, you can run ANY Photoshop filter (and filter combinations) by creating an appropriate Photoshop action, then specifying this action in the Advanced settings of LinkOptimizer.

Merge layers

Merge visible layers

Check this option to merge all visible layer of the image into one layer.

Flatten image

Flatten image in Photoshop.

Delete hidden layers

Hidden layers will be deleted.

Note: Not all hidden layers will be deleted if there are conditions that normally prevent Photoshop from deleting certain layers.