LinkOptimizer 6 Version Control

LinkOptimizer 6 Version Control

# we set col widths in css this way so they work on all devices [hence space on the left]. ideally need shift to the left and set col widths for each device


Feb 13, 2021 [initial release]

Sync settings presets across multiple Macs via iCloud.

Preserve PSD layer visibility applied in InDesign.

Relink duplicates to a single file (Edit/Convert operations only).

Dark mode support.

Select dark/light appearance independently of the current system mode.

Save presets automatically.

Choose Photoshop version.

Basic AppleScript support.

The option to close documents open in Photoshop automatically before processing.

Quit button in the main window.

Many performance/stability improvements.

Previous Updates


Feb 12, 2021

LinkOptimizer doesn’t attempt to apply sharpening filters to monochrome images anymore.

The option to close Photoshop documents without saving and proceed if any files are open in Photoshop before processing.

Improved reporting of open unsaved [Converted] files.