InPreflight 3 User Guide

Preflight Reports


InPreflight can generate both graphic and textual preflight reports.
Graphic reports can be printed and saved as PDF.


Preflight Report Setup

The graphic preflight report feature allows you to generate reports that look the way you see preflight results in InPreflight.

Report setup icon

After preflighting a document, click this icon in the main window toolbar to open the Preflight Report Setup window (also File > Preflight Report Setup menu or ⌘⇧R shortcut).

Customize the report appearance in the Preflight Report Setup window. The final report will look exactly like you see it on the screen. Adjust the window size, as well as table column dimensions to achieve the desired appearance.

You don’t have to set up report every time you need to print or save report as PDF. Once you satisfied with the report appearance, you can bypass this step and print/save reports as PDF directly via the respective buttons in the toolbar.

Print / Save report as PDF

Print / save preflight report as PDF buttons

Use these buttons in the main toolbar to save preflight report as PDF or print it directly, bypassing the report setup step (above). You can also use the appropriate menus (under the File menu) and their respective keyboard shortcuts.

Report menus


Use this button in the main toolbar to create textual preflight reports (or use the menu/keyboard shortcut as shown above).

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