InPreflight 3 User Guide

Preflight Presets


Preflight Presets allow you to flag InDesign fonts, links, and colors that match rules you define.

Create Preflight Presets

Click Preflight Presets button in the main window (or File > Preflight Presets menu, or ⌘-⌥-P shortcut).
Click [+] button to create a new preset based on the selected preset; [-] button to delete the selected preset.

To duplicate the selected preset, just click the [+] button.

To rename a preset, double-click its name (or click and wait, or hit enter).

You can also Export and Import preflight presets using the (…) button at the bottom of the presets list.

The list of available presets appears in the Preflight Presets popup in the main window, where you select the current active preset:

preflight presets popup menu

Preflight errors

When a font, link, or color matches a rule in the active preflight preset, a warning sign will appear and the item’s name will appear in red. In addition, the attribute that matched the rule will also appear in red if the attribute is listed in the table. For more info, please see the user guides entries for each preflight table.

Preflight rules

This guide doesn’t provide a description for each preflight rule and condition as all efforts were made to make them self-explanatory.

If you have any questions regarding a specific preflight rule, please contact us and we’ll also consider adding it to the guide.

InPreflight will flag files that satisfy any of the preflight preset conditions. For example, if you specify “Kind Contains EPS” and “Resolution < 300 dpi” conditions, any file whose kind contains EPS will be flagged, as well as any file whose resolution is higher than 200 dpi.

Links preflight rules example

When LinkOptimizer is running, your computer should not be used for any other activity.
If you attempt to use another program, or hide Photoshop or InDesign, it may cause LinkOptimizer to malfunction during processing.