InPreflight 3 User Guide

Advanced Packaging


Advanced packaging button

Click this button in the main window toolbar to open the Advanced Packaging window
(also File > Advanced Packaging menu or ⌘⇧⌥P shortcut).


After preflighting an active InDesign document, you can click the Advanced Packaging button (above) to add it to the list of documents to package. Follow instructions below to package the document.


Advanced packaging window

Adding InDesign documents

Add the desired InDesign documents to the list under the Package InDesign documents label by using the [+] button or dropping files from the Finder.

Packaging extra files

You can also add arbitrary files and folders to be included with you packaged InDesign jobs.
Use the [+] button under the Also include files/folders table to add the desired items.

Place in subfolder named

Check this option if you wish to place the extra files in a subfolder inside the package folder and enter the desired subfolder name.

Packaging Mode

Packaging mode controls

Unified packaging

Package all documents into a single folder with joint fonts and links folders. 

This mode is especially useful for InDesign documents that share the same placed images: you only package each link once instead of packaging the same links multiple times, for each document. Unified packaging can save significant amount of disk space and time.

Package separately

Each InDesign document will be packaged into its own folder.

Note: This option disables the first of the Package folder name fields as it’s reserved for the automatically assigned InDesign file name.

Note: The Packaging mode choice doesn’t make a difference when you package a single file.

Packaging Options

Copy fonts
Copy linked graphics
Create PDF
Create IDML

Identical functionality to the same packaging options in InDesign.

Relink to packaged links

After packaging, InPreflight will relink the links in the packaged InDesign document to the packaged links.
If this option is unchecked, the images in packaged documents will stay linked to their original locations.

Place links in same folder as document

Place links in the same folder as InDesign document (top level of the package folder) instead of the Links folder. When links are located in the same folder as the document, InDesign will always find the links automatically. This option can be used to ensure that links will always be instantly found when the packaged folder is forwarded to other users, stored for archiving purposes etc.

Create reports (PDF / Text)

InPreflight will create the selected report type for each document during packaging.

Overwrite existing folders

Existing folders with the same name will be used to package files instead of creating new folders.
If this option is unchecked, InPreflight will create anew folder with a number appended to its name.


These options were designed to be self-explanatory and define which documents and folders will be open after packaging is done. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Package Location

Package folder name

Two parts of the package folder name(s): whether a single unified folder under Unified packaging mode, or separate package folders for each InDesign document under Package separately mode.

Unified packaging

Unified package folder name

When the Unified packaging mode is selected, both parts of the folder name are enabled. If you leave the first field empty, InPreflight will use the name of the first InDesign file in the batch.

Package separately

Package folder name for separate mode

When the Package separately mode is selected, the first field is disabled as it’s reserved for the name of InDesign file being packaged. You can use the second field to append custom text to the file name.

Parent folder for package folders

Click Choose Location button to select the folder in which package folders will be created.

Ask before packaging

Choose this option to have InPreflight ask for the parent folder location instead of using a pre-defined folder.
As the labels suggest, InPreflight can ask you either Every time you package your files, or Daily (that is, the first time you package your files on each given day). The second option is especially useful for workflows where a new working folder is created for all daily activities.


InPreflight can use Zevrix products Deliver and Deliver Express to automatically send packaged jobs over the Internet and locally. All delivery options are specified in the aforementioned apps. InPreflight then passes packaged jobs to the delivery apps to send files to the destination selected in InPreflight.

For more info, click Delivery Options button.

Send automatically after packaging

If this option is enabled, packaged jobs will be sent automatically to the selected destination using Deliver (or Deliver Express).

If this option is disabled, the Deliver button beneath the Package… button becomes enabled after packaging is done. Click the Deliver button to send the packaged jobs created by the last packaging session.


Click this button to preflight the current batch of InDesign files. This operation must be performed to make the Package… button available.

Document pane with batch preflight results

After preflighting is done, you can check the preflight results for each file in the document pane of the main window.


Package unified button
Package separately button

Click this button to package InDesign files as per the Packaging mode selected.

You must preflight the files first (above) to make the Package… button available.

Note: If after preflighting the files you change Packaging mode from Package Separately to Unified Packaging, the Package… button becomes disabled and InDesign files must be preflighted again. That’s because InPreflight needs to gather additional information to prepare the batch for unified packaging.

When LinkOptimizer is running, your computer should not be used for any other activity.
If you attempt to use another program, or hide Photoshop or InDesign, it may cause LinkOptimizer to malfunction during processing.