InPreflight 3 User Guide

Quick Start Guide


Launch InPreflight
Choose the Zevrix > InPreflight menu in InDesign.
You can also launch InPreflight like any other application from the Finder or Dock.

Create Preflight Presets
Click Preflight Presets button (or File > Preflight Presets menu).
Create preflight presets with the desired settings to flag Fonts, Colors, and Links with the selected attributes.

Select the desired preset in InPreflight toolbar:

preflight presets popup menu

Preflight Active InDesign Document
Click the Preflight button to preflight the active InDesign document using the selected preflight preset.

Preflight button


Preflight and Package Multiple InDesign Documents

• Click the Advanced Packaging button (or File > Advanced Packaging menu).

Advanced packaging button

Add the desired InDesign documents to the list under the Package InDesign documents label by using the [+] button or dropping files from the Finder.

• Choose Packaging mode:

Unified packaging:
Package all documents into a single folder with joint fonts and links folders. This is especially useful for InDesign documents that share the same placed images.

Package separately:
Each InDesign document will be packaged into its own folder.

• Choose the parent folder for the packaged folder as well as the package folder name.

• Specify the desired Packaging and Post-Packaging options

• Click Preflight to preflight the selected multiple documents . 

• If you’re satisfied with the preflight results, click Package as Unified / Package Separately (depending on the selected packaging mode). 

When LinkOptimizer is running, your computer should not be used for any other activity.
If you attempt to use another program, or hide Photoshop or InDesign, it may cause LinkOptimizer to malfunction during processing.