InPreflight 3 User Guide

Installation and System Requirements

InPreflight Installer will place all required files into the following folder:
[Adobe InDesign folder]/Plug-Ins/Zevrix

System Requirements
Adobe InDesign CS6 and later
macOS 10.12 and later

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Launching and Running InPreflight
Select the Zevrix > InPreflight menu.

To assign a keyboard shortcut to the InPreflight menu:

Go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Work Area > Scripts, locate the InPreflight menu and assign a shortcut.


InPreflight is a standalone application.You can also launch it like any other application from the Finder or Dock. However, if you have InPreflight installed with multiple versions of InDesign, running it from the Dock can result in opening a wrong copy of InPreflight and therefore we advise against using this method.

Running InPreflight
InPreflight is a plug-in application – a more advanced type of plug-in. It provides a true integration of an InDesign plug-in combined with the versatility of a separate application. When you launch InPreflight, its icon appears in the Dock, and the software behaves like a standalone application.

When InPreflight is running, your computer should not be used for any other activity.
If you attempt to use another program, or hide Photoshop or InDesign, it may cause LinkOptimizer to malfunction during processing.