Adobe InDesign

LinkOptimizer 6 for Adobe InDesign icon

Reduce the size of InDesign links by eliminating excess image data. Perform essential image adjustments and convert formats.

Automate printing and exporting from InDesign. Output multiple documents, export as single pages, create layer versions, preflight, update links automatically and much more.

Automate InDesign output workflow with watched hot folders. Free up operator workstations and save countless production hours. Features email notifications, XML-based processing as well as all features of Output Factory.


Automate document packaging from InDesign with hot folder processing. Package Central offloads collecting from InDesign to a central system leaving operator stations free from the packaging process.


Adobe Illustrator

Automatically optimize resolution, size and other attributes of Illustrator links and reduce job size.


PDF & Graphics

PDF Checkpoint icon

Automate PDF workflow with powerful batch processing: preflight, save reports, export PDF as images, split, optimize images.

BatchOutput PDF for Mac icon

Print PDFs automatically from hot folders.

Graphic Inspector for Mac icon

Check entire folders of images and vector graphic files for multitude of attributes. Find problems according to your specs.

Microsoft Office

BatchOutput DOC for Microsoft Word icon
BatchOutput XLS for Microsoft Excel icon
BatchOutput PPT for Microsoft PowerPoint icon

Automate printing and PDF production from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

File Delivery

Deliver for Mac icon
Deliver Express for Mac icon

Automatic file delivery solution for remote and local destinations with email notifications and more.