Output Factory Server 3 Version Control

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Mar 18, 2021

Fixed an issue in which some LinkOptimizer presets didn’t appear in Output Factory Server.

Previous Updates


Mar 11, 2021

LinkOptimizer Server: Fixed an issue in which an error occurred when relinking images with quotes and backward slashes (“, \) in their path. 

LinkOptimizer Server: Support for dark mode.

Fixed an error that could occur if a missing hot folder was detected under certain conditions.

Fixed a crash that could occur on attempt to send a notification email about a missing hot folder if an email address contained a missing XMP variable.

The original PDF icon is now always used in the UI.

Improved memory management.

Improved reporting of certain errors.

The history list now scrolls to the selected item if needed when double-clicking an item in Recent Jobs.

More informative error message on certain email errors.

New version control web page.