BatchOutput PDF Version Control

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Jan 17, 2024

Addressed appearance issues that could occur on forthcoming macOS 14.3.

Previous Updates


Dec 19, 2023

Fixed an error in retrieving printer spooler app name of certain printers on pre-Sonoma systems.

Fixed a crash that could happen under some rare conditions.


Nov 27, 2023

The “Use variable print quantity” option in Preferences (this was previously a hidden preference).

UI fixes and improvements.


Nov 23, 2023

Variable quantity: number in square brackets in file name will be used as number of copies to print (e.g. [3]). At this point it’s a hidden preference (will be added to UI soon.) To enable this option, send this command in Terminal:
defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/com.zevrix.BatchOutputPDF3 useVariableCopies -bool yes

Fixed a crash that could occur under some rare conditions.


Oct 23, 2023

Fixed an issue where page slugs were applied even if the option was disabled in the UI.

Improved rendering of print/watch controls on startup.


Aug 30, 2023

Fixed an issue where page slugs were never applied.

The Reprint feature is currently disabled in the Manual mode. Will be implemented soon.


Aug 25, 2023

Fixed an issue in which changes of a checkbox state in Printer Features weren’t written to the preset under certain conditions.

Fixed an issue in which changes in Printer Features weren’t saved in the preset on some systems.

Fixed an issue in which changes in Printer Features could be set as the default values for printer setup.

UI fixes.


Aug 5, 2023

Fixed an issue in which BatchOutput PDF would stall if processed file couldn’t be deleted/moved from hot folder. An alert with error description will now be displayed, which lets quit the app properly.


Aug 3, 2023

Fixed a crash on macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Restored partial Japanese localization (full localization will be completed soon).


Jul 24, 2023

Fixed an issue where the update check was performed on each launch regardless of the preferences settings.

Fixed an issue where the duplex feature didn’t work as expected with some HP printers.

Minor UI improvements.

Fixed an issue related to v2 serial numbers.

Fixed crashes on Japanese systems (Japanese localization is also disabled for now until it will be completed for v3).


Jul 2, 2023

Initial release.


Jul 1, 2023

New update info window.