Output Factory 3 Beta Program

Output Factory 3 Beta

Thank you for joining the Output Factory 3 Beta program.

If you’re not registered yet, please send a request to beta-program@zevrix.com

The first stage of the beta program is now available for testing.

New in Output Factory 3 beta at stage one:

Ready for testing

In Detail

Only cloud documents open by the user in InDesign can be supported (add them to Output Factory using the Add Front Document or Add Open Documents buttons/menus). Adobe’s implementation doesn’t allow any other usage at this point.

If the Original document’s folder option is selected as the Output Location, the Documents folder will be used for cloud documents.

Various glitches in cloud doc handling are still expected. Please report any issues as well as any other feedback regarding cloud doc support.

No instructions are provided intentionally in order to see if this new feature is easily discoverable and self-explanatory.

Please test this with various options and provide any feedback (in particular, any suggestions regarding file naming options).

Under the hood, the Output Factory code has been entirely restructured and overhauled to improve stability and performance, and to allow for easier and faster implementation of new features and bug fixes. 

This new code has already undergone extensive testing, and most bugs have been fixed. Please thoroughly test Output Factory by incorporating it into your regular workflows to uncover any bugs that may still occur due to this overhaul. 

When you experience any stalls, hangs or crashes with your beta software, please download LogCollector and follow instructions here.

If you wish to keep Output Factory 2 (released  version), please move it to the top level of the InDesign folder before installing Output Factory 3 Beta. Output Factory is located here: <InDesign folder>/Plug-Ins/Zevrix. You’ll need to launch Output Factory 2 by double-clicking in the Finder. Please note that only one version of Output Factory can be open in order to work as expected.

Please send any beta related communication to beta-program@zevrix.com

Known Issues

-Various glitches in cloud doc handling are expected.

Beta Tester Perks

Beta testers who provide valuable feedback will receive a 50% discount on their Output Factory 3 purchase (whether upgrade or a new license).

Note: Please allow two weeks from the final release date to receive your discount coupons.

Next Stages

In the next stages of the beta program, the following new options are planned: