Beta Log Collection

Beta testing log collection instructions

When you experience an issue with your beta software, please do the following:

• Open LogCollector and select Output Factory

Note: You may need to Ctrl-click LogCollector in the Finder > choose Open > click Open in the resulting dialog if you get a security warning when you launch LogCollector for the first time.

• LogCollector will gather two logs in your Documents folder (it can take a few moments) and then open the folder automatically in the Finder.

Send us the two new logs named as:

Output Factory_<timestamp>.log

With any questions, please contact us by email.

P.S. If the logs are too large to send by email (over 10 MB), you can upload them to our FTP site (below) or any other location of your choice:

FTP host:
user: zevrixguest
password: zevrixguest