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Automate InDesign link preparation for perfect results

Reduce link size • Optimize resolution • Convert colors • Convert formats and much more…

Adobe InDesign CS6 – 2024

macOS 10.12 – 14 (Sonoma)

LinkOptimizer 6: InDesign CS6 – 2024  |  macOS 10.12 – 14 [Ventura]  |  Native M1/M2 support

LinkOptimizer 5: InDesign CS6 – 2021  |  macOS 10.9 – 11 [Big Sur]  |  M1 compatible
   To use with recent InDesign/macOS versions, please upgrade to LinkOptimizer 6

It can take hours - and even days - to optimize, resize and replace InDesign image links manually. LinkOptimizer will do it in a fraction of that time freeing you from tedious repetitive tasks.

LinkOptimizer will perform the following main operations for you:

For in-depth details on these and many other options, please see below.

LinkOptimizer 6 Is Here

New in LinkOptimizer 6:

By upgrading, you also ensure access to further new features and improvements
that will continue to be added in free updates.

LinkOptimizer Server for workgroups is now available as part of Output Factory Server 3

Reduce link size,
Optimize resolution

LinkOptimizer will automatically reduce the image resolution, scale and crop the images in Photoshop according to their dimensions in the InDesign document and the target resolution specified, and reimport them to InDesign at 100%.

LinkOptimizer for InDesign: edit images screenshot

Convert colors and more

Automatically perform image adjustments:
-convert colors to CMYK, RGB and Grayscale
-assign ICC profile
-apply sharpening filters
-merge and delete layers, flatten image

Convert image formats

Automatically convert linked images into desired file formats (JPEG > TIFF, PNG > PSD etc.) with various conversion settings.

LinkOptimizer for InDesign: convert image formats screenshot

Backup and rename images

With LinkOptimizer, your files are always safe: you can either backup original images, or work with their copies. You can also optimize links for external use, such as web design, without relinking them back to InDesign at all.

Run Photoshop Actions​

Run selected Photoshop Actions on each image during processing.

Batch processing

Process multiple InDesign files and books with one click.

Detailed link info

View detailed link info along with LinkOptimizer actions and projected file size.

LinkOptimizer for InDesign: links window screenshot
"LinkOptimizer has changed my life and saved me days and days of work as a retoucher for an international quarterly magazine. It's a lifesaver".
Steve Krason
SK Design Group, Chicago
"Today LinkOptimizer batched a huge book project and another magazine project in minutes vs. hours. Now I can take the afternoon off and drink beer. Thanks for freeing up my afternoon, rather than doing production work."
Brian Donahue
Bedesign studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota


$ 259
One-time payment

LinkOptimizer Lite

$ 179
One-time payment
  •        Excludes:
  • Convert formats
  • Run Photoshop actions
  • Process duplicates

UPGRADE to LinkOptimizer 6

Upgrade to LinkOptimizer 6 from earlier versions

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