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Access macOS Finder windows easily

A lifesaver for those who keep tons of Finder windows open

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macOS 10.13 – 14 (Sonoma)

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Put an end to the daily struggle in the Finder.

Finder Windows is an ideal tool if you:

Finder Windows is a floating panel which gives you instant access to the list of open Finder windows at any time. It solves the daily struggle of trying to reach the desired folders among the ever changing mess of open windows.

Now you can just glimpse at the list and select the desired window. Or instantly close the ones you don’t need anymore.

Reach desired windows instantly

Finder Windows is floating in the Finder – or, if you choose, in all apps. Now you can always see the list of open folders and reach the desired one instantly.

You can also drag & drop files onto Finder Windows to copy/move them into the desired folders just like in the Finder.

Try it for yourself and see how Finder Windows makes the whole difference in simplifying your Finder operations.

Finder Windows dark mode

Menu bar access

You can also access the interactive list of Finder windows from the menu bar in addition – or instead of – the floating panel.

Finder Windows status item popover

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