BatchOutput works with InDesign CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5

Output Factory User Guide

Automate printing, exporting and file delivery
from Adobe InDesign

InDesign cs3-cs5


Installation and System Requirements

Run the Output Factory Installer found on Output Factory installer disk image.
Output Factory will be installed into the following locations:

InDesign CS5 and later:
Applications/Adobe InDesign CSx/Plug-Ins/Zevrix
InDesign CS3-CS4:
Output Factory: Applications/Adobe InDesign CSx/Scripts/Zevrix
startup enabler: Applications/Adobe InDesign CSx/Scripts/Zevrix/Startup Scripts
To uninstall Output Factory, delete the related files and relaunch InDesign.

System requirements:
Adobe InDesign CS3 or later
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
For the most up-to-date system requirements info, visit Output Factory's page

Automatic file delivery with Deliver

Output Factory Installer also installs Deliver into your Applications folder.
Deliver is a standalone application seamlessly integrated with Output Factory to provide file delivery capabilities.

Note: If you downloaded Output Factory from Adobe Exchange, Deliver should be installed separately.

Data and Settings Location

Output Factory stores its settings, such as workflows and history, in the following folders:

~/Library/Application Support/Zevrix/Output Factory


Note: The user Library folder is hidden on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. To open the folder, hold the Option key and choose the Go > Library menu in the Finder. (There are also ways to make this folder always visible - you can find them by searching for this on the Internet).

Upgrading from BatchOutput

Output Factory is the new version of BatchOutput. To upgrade from BatchOutput, please visit



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