Deliver / Deliver Express User Guide

File delivery solution for remote and local destinations
with e-mail notifications and other advanced options


Installation and System Requirements

Keep Deliver in the Applications folder

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 and later
(for up-to-date requirements, please visit Deliver's web page)

Data and Settings Location

Deliver and Deliver Express store their settings in the following folders, respectively:

~/Library/Application Support/Zevrix/Deliver
~/Library/Application Support/Zevrix/Deliver Express

Mac App Store version:
~/Library/Containers/com.zevrix.Deliver/Data/Library/Application Support/Zevrix/Deliver

You can share E-mail Templates and Destinations by copying the appropriate files between users.
All settings are also interchangeable between Deliver and Deliver Express.

b Note: Deliver destination files (.dest) are plain XML property list (.plist) files. They can be imported to and created by popular database and spreadsheet programs.

Note: The user Library folder is hidden on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. To open the folder, hold the Option key and choose the Go > Library menu in the Finder.

Upgrading from File Courier

If you have File Courier installed, Deliver will retain all its settings. On the first launch, Deliver will copy all File Courier settings automatically to the ~/Library/Application Support/Zevrix/Deliver folder.

Relaunch Deliver after the first launch to make sure all File Courier settings have registered successfully.

Special thanks for helping developing Deliver and Deliver Express:

Max Troell, Howard Kaufman, Glen Saville, Peter Kemp, Ronn Reeger, Hugh McMillan, Marc Wilge, Oryk Haist, Mike Laurence, Dayle Sheward



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