BatchOutput PDF User Guide

Print Presets

Print preset is a group of printing and processing settings. When you drop files into preset's hot folder, they'll be automatically processed with the preset's settings.
Most of preset's settings duplicate options from the standard Mac OS X Print dialog. These settings are not covered in this user guide.
Presets are saved automatically as you make changes.
BatchOutput PDF's presets are stored in the following folder:

~/Library/Application Support/Zevrix/BatchOutput PDF/Presets


Create new preset / delete current preset


Rename current preset
Hot folder will be also renamed automatically.



Create Hot Folder
Automatically create hot folder for the current preset.
Please note that you don't need to create the hot folder manually in the Finder. The hot folder will be created automatically and named with the preset's name. You only need to choose the folder in which the hot folder will be created.
Place PDF files into hot folder to process them with the preset's settings.
The following folders will be created automatically inside the hot folder: Done, Errors and Priority. These folders should not be removed from hot folders - it will lead to errors during processing.
Done and Errors are default folders for successful and skipped files respectively.
The files placed in the Priority folder will be processed prior to the files placed into the hot folder itself.
Note: Hot folders always carry the name of their related print preset. If you rename hot folder in the Finder manually, its connection with the preset will be broken and files won't be processed.

Remove Hot Folder
Delete the currently assigned hot folder.


Choose desired options to handle PDF files after printing for both successful cases and errors:

Move to Done/Errors folder in hot folder
The Done and Errors folders are automatically generated inside hot folders when they're created.

Move to selected folder
Choose a folder to move successful files and errors after processing.

Delete PDF files after printing.



Printing controls of BatchOutput PDF work just like their counterparts in the Print dialog.
The settings of the standard Print dialog do not affect the settings of BatchOutput PDF.

-BatchOutput PDF currently will not auto-rotate pages


BatchOutput PDF supports most of the printer specific features found in the Print dialog.
However, some extended and special features of certain printers may not be supported.

-Some printer drivers may not be currently supported. If you click the Printer Features button and the Printer Features window doesn't open, please contact us with your printer name so we can implement support for the printer.




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