What's New In LinkOptimizer 4
The all-new LinkOptimizer 4 arrives with over 30 new features
and improvements, including revamped user interface, image
format conversion, settings presets and processing logs.
With its core rewritten in Cocoa, LinkOptimizer 4 is the first
ever Cocoa-based plug-in for InDesign.
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-Process specific range of pages of InDesign document.
-Save current settings as presets.
-The detailed settings summary.

Optimize Resolution

-Optimize monochrome (black and white) images with their target resolution specified separately.
-The option to optimize only resolution without resizing the images. This will allow, for example, to optimize several documents of similar design at once by optimizing one of them.
-Toggle cropping.


-Allow upsampling (i.e., optimizing of images with effective resolution lower than the target resolution).
-Specify Photoshop resampling methods for downsampling/upsampling.
-The option to process all links in the document regardless of the resolution settings (for example, LinkOptimizer will convert colors of all required links regardless of their resolution).

Convert image formats
-Convert images into desired file formats, for example
JPEG > TIFF, PNG > PSD, Photoshop EPS > TIFF etc. Specify Photoshop conversion settings directly from LinkOptimizer.
-The option to resave all JPEGs in Photoshop (so, for example, digcam images don't present the Save As dialog on saving).
Backup and relinking

-Optimize InDesign document's duplicate instead of the original.
-The option to automatically save optimized files in a folder inside the InDesign document folder.
-Optimize images for external use without relinking to InDesign (for example, for web design).
-Easily compose variable names of files and folders using tokens.

Detailed links info
LinkOptimizer lists all the document links in an interactive table complete with the detailed link info, optimization actions, ignored links, processing errors and resizable preview. You can choose which links to process and view selected links in the InDesign document. orth
History and detailed logs
LinkOptimizer logs every processing step into History which holds the detailed log for each processed InDesign file, so if an error happens you can easily track it down. The logs are tab-delimited text files so you can easily use them with your existing databases if required. orth

-Non-stop processing: various warnings don't interrupt the processing anymore - all errors are logged to History and displayed in the Links window once the processing is done.
-Flipped images are now processed (InDesign CS3 and later only).
-Photoshop doesn't warn about mismatching color workspace/profile on file opening anymore.
-Most of special characters in file name don't cause errors anymore.


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System Requirements

Adobe InDesign CS3-CC
Adobe Photoshop CS3-CC
Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.9

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