Send files easily across Internet and local networks

Deliver Express

Automate file delivery with hot folders



Send files automatically with email notifications

Deliver offers automatic e-mail notifications, hot folders, delivery to multiple destinations, support for major online services, detailed history and much more



 Deliver vs. Deliver Express
Deliver Deliver Express
Drop files on app icon >
Select destinations >
Click Send
Drop files into watched hot folders to send them automatically. Suitable for single users, and as a company-wide server solution.
$19.95 / unlimited destinations Pick a suitable license:
Basic (up to 15 destinations):
Standard (up to 50 destinations):
Enterprise (unlimited):

You can upgrade Deliver to Deliver Express at any time by paying the price difference. You can also upgrade Deliver Express license to a higher level.
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Send files across the Internet and locally
Deliver supports all major online services: FTP, SFTP, Google Storage, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Secure WebDAV, AFP, SMB, as well as local destinations.
And with Deliver Express' hot folder processing, companies can easily automate and streamline both external and internal file delivery operations.

Watched hot folders [Deliver Express only]
Create watched hot folders for your destinations, drop files there - and they will be sent automatically. Deliver Express can run absolutely unattended as a server for all of your external and internal delivery needs.
Automatic email notifications
Deliver notifies recipients automatically once the file is transferred, so you don't need to lift a finger and babysit your deliveries. You can create email lists for each destination as well as global lists.
Recipients can download files automatically just by clicking a link in the email.
Variable email templates
The emails are based on powerful variable templates. Include variable data such as file name, destination, server location, hyperlink to your file or its enclosing folder, and more. e
Send files to multiple destinatons at once
Select multiple destinations (Deliver) or create a hot folder for destination group (Deliver Express). e
Automatic compression and encryption
Files and folders can be compressed in either .zip or .dmg format. Disk images can be automatically encrypted with a password.
Create lo-res PDF on the fly
If you send a PDF file, Deliver can create its lo-res RGB version on the fly and attach it to the notification email as an instant preview for your recipients. e
Track your files easily in the History window which provides detailed info on each delivery. e


Easy database integration
Deliver destinations are saved as XML property list files which can be easily created and imported by your existing database solutions.
Platform independence [Deliver Express only]
While Deliver Express runs on a Mac station, users can submit files to its hot folders from any platform.
Send files from Adobe InDesign
Send InDesign output files and packaged jobs automatically with Deliver through seamless integration with Output Factory and InPreflight Pro.

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u Version Control / Deliver

u Version Control / Deliver Express

u Upgrade Deliver to Deliver Express or Deliver Express to higher license


System Requirements

• macOS 10.5-10.14

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