BatchOutput PDF
BatchOutput PDF Server


BatchOutput PDF: $2495
BatchOutput PDF Server: $9995

Automate PDF printing with hot folders
Automate entire company's printing with BatchOutput PDF Server

BatchOutput PDF main window

BatchOutput PDF prints PDF files automatically from watched hot folders. Create hot folders for various printing settings, then just drop your PDFs there - and the software will do the rest for you automatically, saving you the time and hassle of printing each PDF manually.

 BatchOutput PDF vs. BatchOutput PDF Server License
BatchOutput PDF: $24.95
For use on a single computer. Can't create hot folders on a network and in shared folders.
BatchOutput PDF Server: $99.95
Create hot folders on a network and use a
single copy to serve multiple users.
Note: Both regular and Server licenses apply to the same program. The Server license unlocks the ability to create hot folders on a network.
Upgrade from BatchOutput PDF 1.x:
BatchOutput PDF 2.x: $12.47
BatchOutput PDF Server 2.x: $75
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.9


Print PDFs automatically from watched hot folders
Create presets and hot folders for various printing settings
   (for example: Color printer, Tabloid at 100%; B&W printer, A4, shrink to fit etc.)
Serve multiple users with a single copy of BatchOutput PDF Server
Post-processing: file successful jobs and errors to specific locations
Track all your processed files and errors in History
Keep working with other programs while BatchOutput PDF prints in the background.
Save time and hassle of printing each file manually


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